Creative Departures is rooted in our love for skateboarding, traveling, art and music. It is a reason and a medium for us to create and share what we find around the world. Through a series art installations featuring Gravis artists and athletes Creative Departures represents our interpretations of our travels and the inspiration we draw from it. From exploring new skate spots, to discovering unique art, music and interesting places to eat and drink, Gravis and our Creative Departures series are committed to finding new ways to interpret our journeys.

  • Nov 16th at UNIT
  • July 19th at AIR
  • May 3rd at AIR
  • TOKYO 2012

November 16th at UNIT

Finally, the 3rd and last event of GRAVIS Creative Departures for year 2013.
The last two events were held at Daikanyama Air, but last one was held at Daikanyama Unit.
The legendary hip hop group from Detroit, SLUM VILLAGE, came over to Japan as main artist of the event, and showed stunning performance.
In addition, top artists from all over Japan, as GAGLE from Sendai, OLIVE OIL from Fukuoka, DJ KIYO from Okinawa, etc. gathered and pumped up the event.
Also, a hip-hop beat maker with overwhelming perfection level and original perspective of the world, ONRA, participated from Paris, France as a special secret guest.
There was always a crowd of people in front of live paint of HONEY MOON VIRGIN.

July 19th at AIR

July 19th, 2013
An event to express the roots of GRAVIS, "CREATIVE DEPARTURES," part 2, was held at AIR in Daikanyama again.
Right before introducing collaborative items with GRAVIS for the Fall/Winter 2013 season, George Thompson, known for graffiti, illustration, graphic design, and fine art, came over to Japan for this night. Live painting started at midnight on the main floor. Under the performances of DJ Tatsuya Segawa, and DJ SARAS, George silently presented his world with spray art under the spot light. Audiences were fascinated to his every move, and stood still to watch over his work.
Also, after a long wait, the world's most advanced female beat maker/producer, TOKiMONSTA, appeared to the show from LA. Becoming popular with high quality production, she had been selected as a first female artist for Brainfeeder,presented by Flying Lotus, and acquiring strong support from Gilles Peterson. The floor was driven suddenly to its climax by the beats hit by a most talented woman of the season.

May 3rd at AIR

In 2013, we plan to hold "Creative Departures" in a new style. Four musical events will be held in a year to express GRAVIS.
The first event was on May 3rd, during the Golden Week holiday period, at the club called AIR in Shibuya / Daikanyama area.
Big artists were gathered from Hip Hop / Crazy beats scenes. The main act was FAT JON, who had been a close friend of GRAVIS for the past long years, and he is said to be a genius creator with instrumental as his expression method. He had created a golden period of underground hip hop scene with his sworn friend, Nujabes, and it had been three years since his last visit to Japan. Also, with Shing02, who works globally based in US west coast, and embodies hip hop as modern music, DJ KIYO, who continuously creates new styles with the theme of the old and the new coexistence, DJ SARARA, who got high praise from Questlove (The Roots), the event was crowded with people absorbed by high quality performances.

TOKYO 2012

GRAVIS held creative departures at GALAXY in Shibuya on the 23rd and 24th, November 2012, featuring Rich Jacobs, as the famous artist in the culture of skateboard and now he works as the curator, and Yusuke Hanai, attracting people by his nostalgic works and having many fans all over the world. You can rarely see their live paint and moreover The Mattson 2, who are the twins jazz band from California, showed us their great performance. At the reception party on the 22nd, Arai Shouten in Shinbashi supplied catering and the gorgeous cake and had a really fantastic night around there.Stay tuned for the next Creative Deprtures show in 2013.